School Holiday Home Rescue!

SchoolHoliday Home rescue.png

Trying to keep your home tidy and organised over the school holidays can seems like an impossible task but with the school holidays almost over now is the perfect time for getting your home clean again!

Getting the kids to help

Before the kids go back to school get them to chip and help clean & reorganise the house.

  • Get your kids to grab a toy or laundry basket and start working their way through the house (front door to back door) picking up all the things that belong to them but don’t belong in thrown around the house.
  • Place all those items back where they belong
  • Straighten and tidy up shelves, book cases, desks & tv cabinets
  • Next is the bedroom tidy, all toys & books, with dirty clothes going to the washing basket and clean clothes being put away
  • Find and lay out their school uniforms all ready for the new term to begin!
  • With a bit of help from the mess makes the house will be well on its way to being ship shape again!

Freshen up kick start checklist

After the holidays are over it’s nice to have a fresh kick start to get your home feeling fresh and organised again.

  • Get the kids to pick out and pack up any unwanted or broken toys and books, donate the toys and books that are suitable and recycle the rest.
  • Now the weather is starting to warm up again, set aside some time to get on top of that washing pile!
  • Replenish all the cleaning products in the house and stock up again on all those kid friendly snacks and pantry back ups
  • De-clutter the kitchen bench tops
  • Clean the windows
  •  Clean and de-clutter bathroom benches
  • Organise some time to do something for you! Make time to do something you love or make time for a night out for you and your partner (no kids allowed!)