The service and contact with cleaner

The cleaner will perform cleaning duties that you specifically direct them to perform, or you have notified Aunty Jane’s that you would like to have performed, as long as they are within Aunty Jane’s schedule of services.

Casual Services

Casual services that require many hours or are labor-intensive will usually be catered for by a skilled team of Cleaners. Aunty Jane’s cleaners will perform the particular cleaning that is agreed upon, based on your budget. The cleaners will perform the service to the best of their ability. The resulting state of the property can be affected by the level of cleaning required verses the budgetry time allowed by the client. Aunty Jane’s cleaners will notify you if the time you wish to pay for is not enough time to completely clean the required areas.

For our quality guarantee of agreed services, an inspection of all areas cleaned by Aunty Jane’s cleaning must be carried out within 24 hours of our cleaning service. We do not take responsibility for any damage or contamination of the cleaned area caused by other services, house inspections, build up of dust or natural events.

Pricing Structure

When you first contact Aunty Jane’s, a quote is given for your cleaning based on the information that you supply. The quote is based on the amount of time it would take a single person to complete the cleaning service. If more than one cleaner attends the cleaning service, the service will be completed in less time but you will be charged for the work hours of each Cleaner.

All cleaning services must be paid for in 15 minute intervals.

Home Security

Please ensure that the home is well secured before the arrival of the cleaner if you are not in attendance. If a key is given to the cleaner, this would be a private arrangement between you and the cleaner. Aunty Jane’s takes no responsibility for the care or return of the key.

The cleaner has been instructed to always leave the house completely secured if you are not there. If you require the house to be left unsecured for any reason (eg. to allow pet entry), please put the request in writing to Aunty Jane’s.

Public holiday rates

Service fees for services performed on a public holiday attract a loading of 30%.

Supply of materials and equipment

Our pricing schemes are inclusive of all labor costs but do not include the cost of cleaning materials or equipment. If you require cleaning materials and equipment to be supplied by the cleaner, there is an extra fee of $10 for a regular service, or an extra fee of $40.00 for a casual service. If you require this please let the cleaner know before the day of service.

Cancellation Fee

If you need to cancel a service please contact the cleaner directly to let them know as soon as possible. The cleaners contact mobile number has/will be sent to you in the initial welcome email or letter. Cancellation should be done at least 2 hours ahead of time. A cleaning service cancelled within 2 hours of the service time will attract a cancellation fee of $20.00

Regular service vs casual service

Aunty Jane’s cleaning offers 2 types of service. The regular service is less expensively priced than the casual service, because it is actually an agreement to have ongoing weekly or fortnightly cleaning services from your cleaner. Even though you are not required to sign a contract, this is an arrangement that ensures that the cleaner will reserve a particular appointment time for you on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Upon accepting a regular service it is considered that you agree to this arrangement. If you are unable to keep this appointment, you should consider having casual services that are not associated with a commitment of a regular appointment time by the cleaner. The casual service is also an economically priced service and when compared to having fortnightly services, it can even be more affordable. Please consult with the office for more details.

Preparation prior to the cleaning service

Specials, offers and discount vouchers

Specials, offers and discount vouchers offered by Aunty Jane's are subject to specific terms and conditions. Each specific special, offer and voucher are subject to individual and specific terms and conditions.  The terms and conditions for each offer will be listed and updated below. 

The Early Bird Special Terms and Conditions - Cleaning services are a minimum of 2 hours. This offer applies to the first 2 hours of cleaning per service. This offer applies to new or returing customers only. This offer applies to weekly and fortnightly services only. For discount to apply services must take place on a Monday or Tuesday. Additional hours are $25 per hour. Offer expires at 5:00pm on the 31/05/2017. 

Please ensure that:-

Discussion has taken place on how the Cleaner will gain access to the property and requirements for securing the premises after they have left.
All surface areas that are to be cleaned are relatively tidy;
There are no obstructions to the work for the Cleaner;
All cleaning products and equipment (vacuum cleaner, mop & bucket) are readily accessible to the cleaner and in good working order.

Insurance All cleaners booked through Aunty Jane are covered by public liability insurance. Aunty Jane’s does not take responsibility for any damages that occur in your home.

Dogs and Cats Please ensure that any pet on the property is secured and not in the way of the Cleaner. The Cleaner cannot be responsible for the handling or security of pets, but will endeavor to keep all gates and doors secured where pets may escape from the safety of their secured areas.

Unfortunately, the Cleaner cannot clean up or remove toilet mess from dogs and cats.

Methods and Conditions of Payment You can pay by:

cheque on the day(made out to the Cleaner); or
cash on the day

Receipts If required, the Cleaner can leave a receipt for you.

Payments not received In the event that cash or cheque payment is not left for the cleaner on the day of the service, Aunty Jane’s considers it to be within the cleaners discretion as to whether they go forward with the cleaning on that day. If the service does not happen for this reason, the service can be rescheduled by calling or emailing Aunty Jane’s office.


This document has been updated on 24 03 2018.